Sidney Health was created by the physicians of Northwest Permanente, P.C. to innovate, enhance and empower healthcare solutions for their patients and communities.






Sidney Health will develop
innovative business
models, leading-edge
patient care and
healthcare solutions to
benefit the community,
patients, clinicians, and


We are driven to develop,
refine and promote
innovative healthcare
practices and solutions
for the communities in
which we live and work.
We exist to make life


Here, we have created a
collaborative culture of
dynamic engagement
throughout our
organization that both
inspires and delivers the
best patient care for all
the right reasons.


Innovate: Sidney Health will provide opportunities to identify, develop and commercialize innovative healthcare solutions.

Enhance: Sidney Health will spread the mission and values of the Northwest Permanente physicians group to enhance the health of the community and the nation.

Empower: Sidney Health will provide an inclusive, diverse environment that empowers staff, patients and consultants to innovate by improving the health of individuals and communities.

Since 2015, Datos Health has supported the growing need to monitor and care for patients remotely while maintaining high-quality standards of care and patient satisfaction. The Datos Health platform enables quick and easy deployment of automated assisted self-care programs. Our device agnostic solution facilitates connected care delivery across any clinical condition, patient profile, and treatment plan, significantly increasing patient engagement and reducing adverse events.

Our leading remote care software can be used as a standalone platform or can integrate with any EMR. Care teams can choose from our pre-built remote care programs which can be fully customized as needed, or they can leverage their dedicated Datos Health Client Success manager to implement their own programs.

Our company is on a mission to democratize remote care and improve patient health. Our vision is to facilitate the adoption of RPM to the general population, making it a standard part of patient care, driving clinical efficiency through automation, and improving the quality of life for patients.

The flexibility of our software gives it the ability to easily adapt to any healthcare setting or workflow from oncology to wellness, from Covid-19 to hospital-to-home transition.

Learn More about Datos Health’s automated remote care platform.